Morphological features of the mucous membrane of the colon of patients with early and late ulcerative colitis debut

A. Dorofeeva


The purpose of the research was to determine the morphological features of the mucous membrane of the large intestine of patients with UC depending on the age of patients. A comparative analysis of the incidence and type of UC of patients with early onset and late debut of the disease was performed. It has been stated that for patients with a debilitating post-traumatic disorder, the left ventricular and total forms are characteristic; in patients with late debut, the distal form of UC predominates. The main trends in the activity of UC in patients with early onset and late debut have been determined. In the analysis of the degree of activity of UC revealed that in patients from 50 years of age and older, with the late debut of the disease, the first one is mostly found to be the least degree of activity, the second – the middle and the third – the high degree, they are found to be less likely. In turn, in patients under 50, the second and third stages of the disease are most often noted. Another component of the main characteristics of the UC was the histological changes of the mucous membrane of the large intestine. Thus, the conducted studies allowed to state that the number of PAS-positive substances in mucus is significantly higher in patients with distal and left-sided UC. In patients with UC there is a marked mucosal intestinal mucosa of qualitative and quantitative composition of mucus. These changes were characterized by a decrease in MUC2 as
the disease progressed, as well as levels of MUC4 and TFF3. In patients with early onset of NSC, there is a more intense reduction in the number of mucins and TFF3 already with a minimal activity of UC associated with low levels of mucin from the intracellular mucus and indicates a more aggressive course of it. At the same time, patients with a late debut revealed a sharp decrease in the number of MUC2 and TFF3 with high activity of UC.


non-specific ulcerative colitis, early and late debut, NSC form, histological changes, mucus formation

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Received: 01.03.2019

Revised: 02.04.2019

Signed in the press: 02.04.2019



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