Regulatory effect of nanogermanium citrate on the content of macro and microelements in tissues of pregnant F1 female rats

R. Fedoruk, M. Khrabko, M. Tsap, H. Denys, U. Tesarivska
Institute of animal biology Acad. of National Academy of Agrarian Science of Ukraine, Lviv; Institute of animal biology Acad. of National Academy of Agrarian Science of Ukraine, Lviv; Institute of animal biology Acad. of National Academy of Agrarian Science of Ukraine, Lviv; Institute of animal biology Acad. of National Academy of Agrarian Science of Ukraine, Lviv; State Scientific-Research Control Institute of Veterinary Medicinal Products and Feed Additives, Lviv


The probable intergroup changes in the content of macro- and microelements in the blood, internal organs and femur of pregnant females have been established for the prolonged release of various doses of nanogermanium citrate obtained by the method of nanotechnology.The inhibitory effect of citrate Ge on Ca content in the blood of animals in all experimental groups was detected, but the concentration of P was significantly increased with the release of low doses of citrate Ge. Characteristically, the effects of 10 and 20 mkg Ge indicated a significantly lower content of Cu, Co, Fe and Zn in the liver, but high content of Mn in the liver, kidneys and femur muscle. The injection of a high dose of HGeCit, in the amount of 200 mkg of Ge, results in an increase in Fe and Zn in the liver and Cu in the muscle, but a decrease in the Mn in the lungs. The unequal effects of various doses of Ge citrate on the content of individual elements in the tissues of pregnant female F1 rats is confirmed by analogous changes in the absolute content of microelements in terms of the mass of investigated organs.


tissues, germanium citrate, rats, macroelements, microelements

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