The role of central and peripheral D2R receptors in the mechanism of colonic vascular permeability during experimental colitis in rats

А. Prysiazhniuk, T. Dovbynchuk, B. Kopiyak, G. Tolstanova
Taras Schevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine; Taras Schevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine; Taras Schevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine; Taras Schevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine


We investigated the involvement of central and peripheral D2 dopaminergic receptors in the mechanism of vascular permeability in rat's colon during experimental ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis was induced in male white inbred rats by 6 % iodoacetamide enema. For the investigation of central and peripheral D2R, separate and joint injections of D2R antagonist domperidone (2 mg/100 g, per os) and D2R agonist quinpirole (1 mg/100 g, per os) were applied. Central D2R were destroyed by neurotoxin injection – 6OHDA. Colonic vascular permeability was measured by colonic extravasation of 1,5 % Evans blue. It was observed that blockade of peripheral D2R decreased colonic vascular permeability, while simultaneous activation of central D2R and inhibition of peripheral D2R have additive positive effect in prevention of increased colonic vascular permeability during experimental colitis.


D2 dopamine receptors, vascular permeability, ulcerative colitis


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