Ultrastructural changes in the vessels and capillaries of the choroid and in the retina of rats caused by a mixture of alcohols (40% ethanol and 100% methanol)

N. Molchaniuk
State institution "The Filatov institute of eye diseases and tissue therapy of the national academy of medical sciences of Ukraine", Odessa


We was study the ultrastructure of blood vessels and capillaries of the choroid (CO), retina's pigment epithelium (RPE), it's photoreceptor cells,
ganglion cells, shoots of Muller cells of rats, that surround them, after in traperit one alinjection of a mixture of alcohols (40% ethanol and 100%
methanol) in a 3:1 ratio and separately pure methanol (the methanol dose in each group was 0.75 g/kg rat body weight) in a PEM-100-01 electron microscope (Ukraine) in the period from 1 h10 min to 14 days after the alcohols injection. It was shown that the most sensitive structures to the toxic effect of a mixture of alcohol swere endothelial cells of CO and RPE cells. Pathological changes in RPE cells consistin alteration of mitochondria, in destructi on of the elements of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum and other organelles, in alignment of folds on the basal side of the cell sand in the destruction of apical microvilli. Significant destructive changes in its cells were not as early as 1 h10 min after ijection. In the dynamics of the study 1 h 10 min to 14 days the phenomenon of hydropic dystrophy and elements of destruction of organelles in the studied cells gradually progressed with simultaneous enhancement in the cells of the compensatory-restorative processes. After the injection of pure methanol, pathological changes in the chronic retinal area and in the retina are unidirectional except for the first 3 hours. Ethanol potentiates the toxic effect of methanol in the initial observation terms and leads to deeper damage to the rat CO and RPE ultrastructure. The leading place in the amplification of pathological changes in the investigated structures, after injection of the alcohols' mixture, is given to methanol.


ultrastructure, blood vessels, capillaries, choroid, retina

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Received: 07.10.2019

Revised: 08.11.2019

Signed for the press: 08.11.2019

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17721/1728_2748.2019.79.58-63


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